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You Have You

You have you.

You have the ability to meet your own needs. When we wait to receive the things we need from others, those expectations can set us up for disappointment. It's not fair or realistic to expect another person to fulfill every last one of our needs. It wouldn't be fair for them to expect that from you. If you need love, deeply and actively love yourself. If you need space, set boundaries and accept that it's okay and sometimes even necessary to say no. If you want more joy in your life, identify what brings you joy, seek it, create, and make it a priority.

What do YOU need? Do you know? If not, the first step can look like identifying what it is you're feeling, and THEN finding a way to meet that need. Are you lonely? Find a class or club to join, or organize one! Feeling sad? What are constructive ways you can comfort yourself and self soothe. There is no glory in living below your potential happiness because you do not think you deserve it, or you do not know how to get it, or you put everyone else's needs ahead of your own. Everyone deserves their best self, and best life! You have the ability to give that to yourself! Name your feelings and then find ways to have your own back!


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