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We've come to attach a negative meaning to that term. We feel when we start to experience growth and then come back around to face the same situations we thought we had grown passed, we've failed.

This shape is a familiar one in nature, even in our own physiological makeup. Scientists studying the middle ear found the function of the cochlea would not change if rolled out straight. So what function does it serve in this spiral shape?

The answer is, higher sensitivity to lower vibrations!

As within, so without. How do we apply this "without"? As we gain tools of self awareness to manage ourselves in life, we start up the spiral. We will inevitably come back around to face some triggers and sensitivities. Life is cyclical. As we use the tools we've acquired along the way, we become more aware of and sensitive to lower vibrating energies. We recognize them and can move through them while ascending. Facing our issues again and again is an opportunity to use our tools. It's the test. It's not the proof of or an outcome of failure.

This picture was taken in Rome several years ago I found it such a beautiful and striking perspective. Our spiraling process can be beautiful, too. I still come back around to many of my triggers. However, now I'm able to throw up the peace sign to them as I pass instead of allowing them to shame me and halt my progress!


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