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Are Mud Pies The Answer?

You know when you smell something and you are instantly transported to a different place and time?

Sagebrush is in bloom and Alfalfa fields are ready. You can't smell this picture but I can. It smells like home. I am nine years old building magical willow forts with my friend. I'm riding bikes at a nature made BMX track, and then down to see the pigs. I rip up handfuls of grass and try to lure the horses to the edge of the fence where I can pet their velvet noses.

We forget to give ourselves moments of joy as we age. We forget how to experience play and moments of wonder and curiosity outside of responsibility and expectations.

What if we could consciously start to remember? What if we could bring back some of that happy? What brought you joy when you were young? How could you recreate that now? What if you got curious about how a bologna sandwich with chips would taste now? Or a grape popsicle? Or what roller skating would feel like again? Or your bare feet in the dirt? Or watching Bob Ross paint? If you liked the feeling of having your hands in the mud, plant flowers or take a pottery class.

If you are struggling to find moments of joy, if you don't even know what that looks like anymore, remember....

you knew at one point. Start there.


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