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I'm a firm believer that there is strength in numbers. Stronger together! These projects were created with the collective in mind, to inspire action and growth in a supportive, constructive, environment.

This Facebook group focuses on changing our angle in life by making small positive changes through weekly goals! Changing our angle even a small degree can have a significant impact on where we end up in life! 


After a disastrous Christmas that no one enjoyed and one that left me feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and despising the holiday, I came up with a plan of action! This organizational structure has worked without fail and we are ALL able to enjoy the holidays! This year I'm sharing these tools in "A Better Christmas" Facebook group.


For many years, our family was able to travel to many different places around the globe. The lessons I learned about humanity and love are a treasure to me. Malcom Gladwell said, "The more I know, the easier I'm surprised. I get better at identifying the little pieces I didn't know before." All I learn outside of myself I learn about myself. You can search my Instagram by hashtag #waderstravels

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